The word Kaizen, in Japanese culture, is used to describe "change for the best" and "continuous improvement". The Kaizen CTF exemplifies this culture and encourages participants to learn by doing. Participants are immersed into a technical environment where self teaching is encouraged, and are introduced to a wide variety of information security topics, where they will have to research problems and apply the newly gained knowledge on-the-fly.

Kaizen, At a Glance

  • Realistic — Participants are faced with real world challenges, doing Internet research, crafting new solutions and pure development/scripting on-the-fly.
  • Hands On — Truly 100% hands on, independent learning; no lecturing. Mentors walk around and provide one-on-one help when needed, but participants are encouraged to succeed through independent learning.
  • Accommodates all experience levels
    • Experienced/senior technical participants are motivated to compete, test their skills, and gain points on the leader board.
    • Junior participants can trade points for hints, work with mentors, research and learn how to solve problems in a safe but competition space.
  • Environment — One of the key elements that make this successful is the relaxed and fun environment. Stop on by, say hello, and network with individuals like you!